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How long it takes to recharge the credits?

The speed depends on the payment method used. When selecting a specific method or a specific bank (in the case of a bank transfer), it also indicate speed of recharge. The information given at the time of charging always applies, for example for bank transfers, speed of charge may vary depending on the time of day or day of the week.

For the most payment methods, recharg of credits is within units of minutes. In rare cases, transfers by the bank may be delayed (usually at night and on weekends). If you have been waiting a long time for credits to receive, please contact us.

The most common error is an incorrect variable symbol

An incorrectly entered variable symbol is the most common error when paying by bank transfer. If you wait too long for your credits, make sure you haven't entered the wrong VS. If the variable symbol is entered incorrectly, the credit will not be add to you automatically. In this case, contact us and we will trace the payment and add credits manually.

Night hours and weekends

At night and on weekends, the charging time may be extended. Banks do not work so fast and transactions can be delayed.

How credit system works?

After receiving the payment to our account, the credits are automatically add to the client's account, based on the entered variable symbol. All payments are processed by the system immediately. However, sometimes payment may be delayed. Unfortunately, most of the delays occur outside of our site and we are not technically able to influence this time in any way. These are, for example, the speed of money transfers between individual banks or the speed of processing payments by telephone operators. Please note that these delays do not depend on us and we will not speed them up in any way.

What is the fastest payment method?

The fastest payment method is credit card.

You can also use our new fast charging function. through which you can increase your credit without having to choose the payment method, amount, etc. Fast charging will do everything for you and repeat the last charge. It will no longer happen that your favorite model will run away before you can recharge your credit.

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