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I forgot the password. Can you send me a new one?

If you have forgotten the password for your account, then near Login click on Forgotten password and we will send you a link to set a new password to the registered e-mail. To send a link to the e-mail, you also need to know the login details associated with this e-mail.

If you do not remember these login details, please contact us at [email protected] from the email you are trying to subscribe and we will help you.

Why don't you send me my original password?

We take the security of your data on our server very seriously. For this reason, your password is stored on our website in the form of a checksum (for technical enthusiasts: this is an algorithm Bcrypt s cost=10), which technically does not allow it to be read. Even the administrator does not know your password and has no way to find out. The original hashing method (sha1+salt) we replaced in October 2016.

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