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SMS notification - when will any model be online?

Are you interested in the model, but you don't know when she will be online? Take advantage of free SMS alerts. As soon as the model connects, you will receive an SMS message with the text that you set in advance. You set up the service in your profile completely free. All you have to do is verify your phone number anonymously and recharge your credit on LiveChat at least once.
SMS notification is only available for logged in users.

Where can I set up SMS notifications?

You can set notification using the link in the profile of the selected model or on your profile in the top black bar below the icon Models ⇛ SMS notification. Here you can also manage (edit, delete, pause and reactivate) already set notifications.

What can I set for SMS notifications?

You can choose text of SMS messages and the time when you want receive the message. You can set the text of the SMS notification to a word or sentence that may not reveal you if an unauthorized person gets to your message. The word "Livechat" in the message may not appear at all.

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